Top Notch Window and Gutter Cleaning Reviews and Testimonials

We are extremely proud of our testimonials. We are happy to supply references upon request. I am proud of my crew and the quality work they do. You have my personal guarantee of all work we perform. I personally stand behind my crew anddo not accept second rate work. If you are not satisfied I am not satisfied. Your continued use of Top Notch is pinnacle in the success of my business and continually living up to the charter of Top Notch.

So “For a brighter tomorrow…call Top Notch today!”

Kevin R. Hammond
Past Owner/Service Technician Emeritus
Top Notch Window and Gutter Cleaning

“I wanted to tell you I almost had to wear my sunglasses today because the chandelier is so beautiful – you did great. Its just so beautiful I’m just going to look at it a few minutes in silence”

Heather, director of Alana’s Jewelry store in Northgate.

“Like most people, I absolutely hate the idea of having to haul out the ladders and cleaning equipment to wash my windows. However, by the same token I do not like looking through windows that have a haze on them. In Washington we live through many months of gray weather, and if my windows are dirty and it is gray outside, it can be borderline depressing. Clean windows can make for a brighter day even when it is gray and gloomy. I am a pretty cheap individual that has a problem with people I don’t know coming into my house to do anything. The first time I had Top Notch come in I scrutinized their work, their presentation of themselves, and how they treated the items having to be moved while performing the task. In all cases they are absolutely 5 star! I have had Top Notch out several times to do my windows, and I look to them with utmost confidence. I leave them a key to my house and a check on the counter in my kitchen. Top Notch comes in, does their job, and I NEVER worry. Top Notch performs their task and I have no feelings of mistrust. Thank you Top Notch for being an old fashioned service organization in a world that is full of ambiguity and mistrust. These things are never a problem with Top Notch, and I would trust you with anything in my home. You perform with Quality and Integrity. I would recommend you all the time with comfort and confidence.”

Edmonds, Washington

“Thank you very much for checking on the outside of my upstairs window after your crew cleaned the outside of all my windows. It was indeed a seal break & Milgard just replaced the window. Your company is ‘Top Notch’ with a president like you. Thank you again for being a concerned and involved person.”

Diane Wheeler

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