Window Cleaning You Can Count On

Window cleaning from Top Notch Window and Gutter Cleaning takes a little longer than with most other companies, because we do it right. We don't just apply solutions and squeegee, we also check for the more stubborn forms of dirt. Streaks and bug spots can be tricky for the average window touch-up service, but we know exactly how to get rid of them. Our workers may linger a little longer, but we assure you it’s always worth it. Our ultra-fine buffing material made of steel wool gets windows clean like nothing else can.

We also provide track and screen cleaning for an additional charge, and are prepared to do pressure washing if necessary. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we’re glad to return and fix any problems if our work was not up to standards. Repeat business from our customers, is at the heart of our window cleaning service, and we take it seriously.

About Our Service

Over our years in business, we’ve developed a process that works well every time and sets us apart from other window cleaners. First we apply our cleaning solution to the window in a meticulous manner, leaving no spot untouched. Then we squeegee the windows to bring out their light and luster. Finally, at an additional charge, we do the track cleaning. Details, polish, and pride in our work are what make our services the best.

When we say you can see the clean, we mean exactly that. We'll make sure your home looks immaculate on the outside. Best of all, you get the comfort of knowing that all of this was done at a reasonable price. Window cleaning is an essential household task that needs to be done, and you shouldn’t have to overstretch your budget to do it.

Why You Need Our Cleaning

Regular window cleanings are vital to having windows. Glass eventually becomes weakened by dirt, which can come from all sorts of places. Sprinkler systems, paint spills, building run-off, and oxidation all do a number on your windows. This can even affect your heating bills, as dirt prevents sunlight from coming in and warming up your home. Regular cleanings from us can reduce your HVAC system output and lower your utility bills. Plus, cleaning windows is a lot less expensive than replacing them, so a little preventive maintenance can save you a lot down the road.

You don’t have to settle for dusty, dirty windows. Contact us if you'd like to be able to see again.

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