Our Team

We’re extremely proud of our gutter and window cleaning crew because our business wouldn’t exist without them. Top Notch Window and Gutter Cleaning goes to great lengths to employ some of the most experienced and integral workers in Mukilteo, WA. These are the type of people that customers feel good about inviting to their home. At our company, we guarantee a pleasant and comfortable experience that caters to the customer.

When you make your window or gutter cleaning appointment, we can tell you who will be coming out to service your home. Then you can look them up here and read about them before they arrive, so you know what to expect. Each cleaner has had plenty of practice in the job and left customers feeling satisfied with their service.

If you like what you see here, you’ll love interacting with us in person. Contact us to set up a time for our crew to meet with you and get cleaning.

Aaron HardenAaron Harden

Aaron has lived in Washington with his wife Deborah and daughter Ruby for 5 years after moving from Florida to join the family business. Aaron has an MBA from the University of Florida and has a depth of experience in the building services, maintenance and specialty cleaning industries. Aaron enjoys making beer and BBQ and is proud to lead the Top Notch team.

Betony _top Notch office managerBetony Payne
General Manager

After Brian, her husband, became a part of Top Notch, it was only a matter of time before she joined the company in 2018. She has always worked for small, family owned companies and has 15+ years experience of small business management. After spending many years in the Pet and Veterinarian field, she made the shift to window cleaning. But if you have a pet, she'll gladly chat with you about your baby on the phone. When she isn't here at Top Notch, she enjoys traveling, drawing, and learning Cambodian. Anyone up for a Southeast Asian vacation? Or anywhere, really.

Eusebio Chefio AvinaEusebio “Chevio” Avina
Service Technician

Chevio has been with Top Notch for over 10 years and has a wealth of knowledge he  brings with him to each job. He is a joy to be around and enjoys making each customer’s home or business look great

Office Coordinator

Barbara has been with Top Notch since August of 2017. She enjoys making gourmet Greek food and entertaining. She also really enjoys travelling, reading and being anywhere there is water and a beach! Originally from Washington, Barbara resides in Snohomish. She is so happy to be a part of the Top Notch Team!

Jack - Top Notch Technician
Jack Heimbigner
Service Technician

Jack has been born and raised in Snohomish County and joined Top Notch in 2019. We appreciate his great attitude and willingness to learn here on the team. Jack is a car guy so if you have an Audi in the driveway, he may admire it for a moment before starting on your windows. Since he could get behind a wheel, in his free time he has been working on cars doing after market upgrades. He also has a Pit bull named Mac that he has raised from a puppy.

Alex McMasterAlex McMaster
Service Technician

Alex McMaster is a local boy raised in Lake Stevens. With a background in construction and computer aided drafting he brings a lot to the table in addition to 10 years cleaning experience. Away from work he actively volunteers in the community with his family. A Deep love of science and engineering ignites a wanderlust for adventure and discovery; leading to far away places, where a passion for photographing the night sky feeds his spirit and imagination.

Kevin HammondKevin Hammond
Past Owner/Service Technician Emeritus

There once was a groove-cat named Kevin
Who started Notch in ‘97
The Notch reputation
Defied speculation
It’s now happy customer heaven!

Wes GuillenWes Guillen
Service Technician

Wes would like everyone to know this is his beautiful wife Tori and she is at the center of his life. Wes enjoys trying to live a simple life. He and Tori love the outdoors and live in a great place for it. Some things he enjoys include listening to and playing music, backpacking, sports...and of course, food! We feel our most important focus is on the Bible, which we believe is God's word, and we strive to live by it best we can. Wes enjoys working with Top Notch because of the relaxed, yet professional atmosphere, great crew, and it is physical work outside.

Ian Top Notch Team Member
Ian Flogerzi
Office Administrator

Hi, my name is Ian. I’ve been with Top Notch a total of 3 years now. I started in the field as a tech in WA, and have transitioned to the office where I now work remotely in southern CA. I have a wife and 2 small dogs. Outside of work I enjoy photography and all things creative. I like to play guitar, watch movies, and hang with my family while volunteering in the community. Thanks for stopping by!

Jared Top Notch TechnicianJared Culver
Service Technician

Jared started here in 2018 and spends half his time making windows shine and gutters flow and the other half of his time volunteering in educational work in the area. He also enjoys spending time with his family and is the oldest of four. Although he has lived in Washington his whole life, he must dream of travels because he has Panama in his life… that is, Panama, his golden retriever. She brings some sunshine to his life on our gray days

Cheryl KayakingCheryl Top Notch Office Admin

Cheryl Brooks
Office Administrator

Cheryl is our most recent addition to our Top Notch office family. She brings with her years of Business Management and Customer Relations skills. She is semi-retired, but to a recliner she did not go… she is a great lover of the PNW and believes it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. She loves traveling, her friends, hiking, walking, and sailing; but her passion is sea kayaking! Nothing gets the heart pumping like petting an Orca! She is extremely committed to her volunteer service. Cheryl says she enjoys working at Top Notch because of the professionalism, yet relaxed family-like atmosphere. Top Notch cares about their customers needs and satisfaction of a job well done. Who wouldn’t want to work in that kind of environment?

Brian PayneBrian Payne
Service Technician

Brian was born and raised in southern California. Having never liked the heat, he and his wife visited Washington State and fell in love with the weather and scenery. Brian likes football and basketball, and can't get enough of the great views the area has to offer. Having come from SoCal, he feels it's his obligation to inform those he meets that he now drives a hybrid.