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Efficient, fast, responsive.  That is how we do Lynnwood gutter cleaning.  Our home office in North Edmonds, just off Hwy 99 puts us stone’s throw from Lynnwood so we can keep costs down and pass that onto you.  You might even want to get your gutters cleaned a few times a year. Don’t forget to ask about our contracted services.

K-style gutters or round we clean them all

You may wonder why most people have K-style gutters rather than round or box style.  Our crews can clean any of them equally well but why choose one style over another?  Of course, a major factor in gutter selection is aesthetics.  Which gutter complements your home the best?  Certainly, round copper gutters are gorgeous but is there a reason to stay away from them other than cost?  Maybe. Top Notch’s friendly representatives are well versed in the industry and can help you understand what will work best for your home.

One of the major reasons that K-style gutters are so heavily used is that they have one of the largest water carrying capacity available given its overall size.  Exceeded only by the box gutter.  It is critical to making sure your gutters are sized properly to be able to carry water away efficiently in a heavy rain storm.  Petite round gutters may not be capable of doing this.  Box gutters that are 4″ or 5″ wide are probably big enough.  Why not use box gutters then?

Our Lynnwood gutter cleaning crew can service any and all styles of gutter

Box gutters can be flimsy depending on the material used and its thickness.  K-style gutters provide a great compromise with water carrying capacity almost as much as a box gutter but with the rigidity that makes that stronger than box gutters.  K-style gutters are great for making seamless aluminum gutters, on site.

Top Notch Lynnwood Territory

Top Notch Lynnwood Territory

No matter what kind of gutter your home employs, our Lynnwood gutter cleaning crew can keep them free flowing year round.  Call now.  We answer.