Window Cleaning FAQ

How do you clean windows without streaking?

Make sure to not clean the windows in the direct sunlight, get the squeegee wet and working from the top down wipe the squeegee when you are done with each section

How often should windows be cleaned?

Every 1-2 months or when they appear visibly fouled

What is best for cleaning windows?

A squirt of dish soap in some warm water. Don’t allow it to get too sudsy.

What is the best thing to clean windows with?

A squeegie to clean and a chamois cloth to dry the edges, window sill and squeegee after each pass.

How much does residential window cleaning cost?

It usually starts at $100 and goes up depending on how many windows you have. Free estimates are usually always available

What does Window Cleaning include?

It should include window panes, frames, sills and screens