Everett Gutter Cleaning

everett gutter cleaning done by Bill W

Need Everett Gutter Cleaning? Top Notch is known for affordable, efficient, fast, and thorough gutter cleaning services.  Everett is just north of our offices in Mukilteo, this helps us to keep costs down and pass that on to you.  You might even want to get your gutters cleaned a few times a year.  Ask about our contracted services that offer you the best pricing possible for well maintained gutters.

Clean Gutters are important, but are they secured properly?

When you hire Top Notch, our skilled technicians inspect your  gutter system to see if repairs and adjustments are needed, because we want you to get the longest life out of them.

What happens if gutters are not level and attached to your fascia or rafter tails?

When your gutters are in need of repair and it rains,  water will find its way behind the gutter system.  If your gutters are loose anywhere, or are hanging away from the roof’s edge then the water will  run down the fascia or over the rafter tails making it hard for them to dry out.  Over time the wood will begin to rot.  The weight of the water will cause the gutter to sag further and get more loose.  If left untreated, the rotting will continue to spread.

Top Notch Everett Territory

Top Notch Everett Territory

Other possible damage includes water running behind the roofline and soffit, eventually going behind your siding and into your wallboard.  This can cause your paint to bubble, soaking  your drywall and eventually causing the wall surface to fail.

Our Everett gutter cleaning crew inspects your gutters for structural problems

Gutters and downspouts function to collect rain water and direct it away from you roof and ho use. Over time, especially in this area, gutters get caked with debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. This accumulation of debris can cause water to back up and seep into your roof, eventually leading to premature deterioration of your roof and costly repairs.

The experts at Top Notch will clean out those gutters, making sure that all debris is removed. Unlike some other  companies, we don’t mind getting down and dirty. If the gutters are bogged down with water, we’ll use specially designed poles and scoops to remove every bit of the soggy mess out of your gutters. If they are dry, we’ll blow them free of debris with our top-of-the-line high powered equipment. Then, we’ll check your downspouts to make sure they are clear, allowing for good drainage. We’ll even clean up after ourselves when the job is done, making sure all gutter debris is bagged and the around your home is clean.

Aside from functioning to extend the life of your roof, gutters can add—or detract from—the beauty of your home. Everett homeowners can depend on us to restore the luster and shine to your gutters. We’ll clean away the dirt and grime accumulated on the exterior of your gutters and downspouts, helping to beautify your home and extend the life of your gutter system.

While we are doing your  gutter cleaning we are reviewing the condition and integrity of your gutters. We look to see that they are firmly attached and have no leaking seams.  Let us help you maintain your home.  Call now.  We answer!