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Regular Edmonds Window Cleaning – the Mark of a Well Managed Home

Window cleaning is a rather superfluous task. Do windows really need to be clean?  Afterall, even dirty windows still let in as much as 75% of the light a clean window lets in.  Clean windows are definitely not a necessity.  They are only a reflection of your personality and individual habits.  Some keep their house clean and some people wash their car once a week.  My own opinion is that having clean windows makes them feel better about their home and about themselves.  What about you?  Does it make you feel better?  Maybe, it makes those gunmetal grey days just a little cheerier?

People Who Take Pride in Their Homes Tend to Take Pride in Their Clean Windows

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It is hard to say.  What is easy to say, however, is that if you luxuriate in clean windows then having them thoroughly clean is important.  There is no point in cleaning windows and getting them 90% clean.  That is easy to do.  Any rag and a bottle of Windex will do it.  If you want really clean windows, though, it means getting down into the corners.  The corners are where the problems start and end.  They trap dirt and grab it.  They are hard to reach and hold on to dirt.  You probably didn’t know that 65% of window cleaning time is spent in the corners, did you?

If You Really Want to Shine Clean The Whole House

Edmonds window cleaning is just the start.  It is a great start.  Don’t get me wrong.  Like washing your car without washing the wheel covers, it just isn’t quite complete.  That is why Top Notch Window Cleaning can do it all in one job.  We can pressure wash your siding,  perform Edmonds Gutter Cleaning, clean your sidewalks, porch/patio and driveway, clean your roof and clean your windows to put a new face on your Edmonds home.  Your paint will pop.  Your windows will glisten.  Your whole home will just seem nicer, and it will be.  If you want your home to shine ask us about our whole home “Edmonds Window Cleaning and More” package.  Call now, we have dedicated phone representatives to help you.

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* if your clean windows get fouled by birds, critters, or other acts of nature we will touch them up for free (some restrictions apply, call for details)